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Introduction to Leather Tooling Course

workshop of making the carved leather ba

Course Length:

Full Day (approx 9:30am to 4pm)


For between 2 and 6 people

Techniques Taught:

Understanding types of leather

Understanding basic leather tools (care and use)

Design transfer

Swivel knife cutting



Veining and Shading


Decorative knife cuts

Items Made:

Decorated leather patch which can either be framed or used in a later project

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Leather tooling is a craft that you never stop learning.  There are so many different techniques, and literally hundreds of different tools that can used to produce a huge variety of effects.

With a one day introduction course we aim to cover the initial tools that are nearly always used regardless of the design you might be looking to produce.  This should enable you to get a feel for the craft and pick up some tips.

A significant portion of the day will be spent getting to grips with the swivel knife, as it is a fundamental tool for cutting your design into the leather.

Once your design has been cut into the leather we spend some time using a few basic tools to add layers of textured detail.

With leather tooling there is no shortcut, it involves a lot of practice, but this course aims to give you a good grounding and sufficient information to carry on the practice at home.

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