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Marble Surface
Border Leathers

Border Leathers is a husband and wife team.

We have been hand making bespoke leather goods for over a decade now.  We started selling leather books on a merket stall in the U.K. and found that we were regularly being asked for different designs and finding ways to make each and every book we made unique in some way.

From there we ran two small independent retail stores on the south coast of England where we expanded the range of goods we made as well as stocking a wider range of mainstream leather goods.  Our stores were unusual in that we always included a workshop within the shop where customers could watch us making the goods.  We loved the personal interaction that this brought and also enabled us to provde one-on-one customer service such as cutting belts to measure, taking custom orders and from time to time also running small workshop sessions where customers could come along and have a go at making something small themselves.

We had always enjoyed showing people how to get going with leathercrafting, and as we got older we paired that together with our dream of moving to Spain.  

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