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Belt Sizing Guide

It will come as no surprise that we have made a lot of belts over the years and on the very few occassions that we have encountered problems with them the most common problem, especially when someone is buying or order a belt as a gift for someone else, is with getting the belt size right.

More often than not we are asked to "make a belt for someone who wears size 36 trousers" or something very similar to that.  There are a number of problems with using this a a guide to making a belt the right size for someone. 


Firstly it is apparent that many people wear trousers that are the wrong size for them!  Trousers can a a little more forgiving than belts when it comes to sizing, so please don't just guess at their trouser size (or even take their word for what their trouser size is!

Secondly waist sizing differs from country to country, so a 38 in one country can sometimes mean something entirely different in another country.

Lastly, trouser sizes even within the same country can differ from one supplier to another.  A size 38 trouser from one shop can be a different fit to another size 38 from a different shop.

Bar far the best way to order a belt either for yourself or as a gift from someone else is to take a measurement from a belt that they currently comfotably wear.

Provide us with the length in centimeters from the base of the buckle (where the buckle meets the leather of the belt) to the centre of the hole which they or you currently comfortably use when wearing the belt.


We will then use this measurement for the length of the belt from the base of the buckle to the middle of (usually) five holes, which will give you two additional holes for expansion (what we call our "Christmas" holes) and two additional holes for making the belt smaller (the "lent" holes).  We can always add a couple of additional holes for you if required.

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